Puzzle Hexagon Shape

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Puzzle Hexagon Shape!

Puzzle Hexagon Shape is an easy and addictive game in which you need Fill-In the Blank!
This is free puzzle game for everyone.
Cute and fun block games, move hexagonal blocks and fill them into boxes. download now this free hexagon games.

This is a block puzzle or you can also call it thinking blocks. What you need to do is to drag the block and move it to the right place. Try to fit this hexagon block in the frame. And then you have your puzzle solved.


- Good interface
- Easy control of your block puzzle
- Music, sound on\off
- Colorful theme for every hexagon
- Block games have 4 levels of difficulty: beginner, advanced, master, expert. 
- Brain games play with hexagon is truly exciting. Mind games can be difficult but still worth it.
- Move blocks and win the game! There's no time limit to play free puzzle games! 
- Lots of online puzzles are waiting for you just right here!

How To Play

- Fill in the boxes with suitable hexagonal blocks
- The blocks cannot be rotated, you have to use your brain to fit them into blocks.
- Fill in the right boxes and you will win. 


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Game Updated: 4 September 2017

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I Love Playing InterSpaceGames…Hours Of Fun!

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I Love Playing InterSpaceGames…Hours Of Fun!